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An essential that you need to have to visit Sri Lanka

Visa is an essential requirement for the non–resident Sri Lankans to visit Sri Lanka. This requirement has been made mandatory after 1st January 2012 for all types of a tour to Sri Lanka. The application process  for visa to Sri Lanka was quite hectic and complicated for the travelers, as they have to visit the Sri Lankan embassy of their country  for visa application and in case if there are some issues like incomplete form or incorrect application, the applicants  were required to make several visits to the embassy for  their visa approval. Thus, to simplify this long process of visa approval, Sri Lankan government now provided the facility of eTA. It is the electronic process for getting a travel visa to Sri Lanka. Applicants can visit the site visit-sri-lanka.net/de to get detailed information about eTA.

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Take help of the eTA filing agent

Visa application is an online process so you can easily apply from the comfort of your home. In case, you face any kind of difficulty in filling the application form or want to make the correct application, take services of the eTA filing agents.

Applicants have to make a new application for eTA in case they have filled the application form incorrect. When you take the services of eTA filing agent, you may have to pay the service charge again. So it is important that you should fill the application form correctly at once. It will also help you to easily obtain your visa.

An urgent Visa for Sri Lanka

An electronic medium of visa application is very beneficial for those who have some kind of urgency to visit Sri Lanka. eTA applications take only a few minutes to get your visa approved from the  Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Your approved visa is sent to the applicants on their e-mail ID. Thus, travelers do not have to wait for their Visa approval.

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