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Exploring the Haunted Places in Oxford

Oxford has several things to offer to the people. Among the several places to visit, you should make the most of visiting the haunted places this Halloween in Oxford. Are you in to take the challenge of visiting the famous haunted places of Oxford? Are you brave to take up the challenge and visit the creepiest places in Oxford? You should visit the place on October 31st. However, you should consider not going alone on one of the creepiest nights to the haunted places in the city, unless you have the courage to face the ghouls.

However, if the ghouls surround you and you were to search for a quick escape, your best bet would be Oxford Tube. It would be in your best interest that you should look forward to having the best times in the world at the haunted places at Oxford. The tube would take care of your Halloween adventure in the best manner possible. However, they may not guarantee you would have the nerve to explore the haunted places on the list.

Oxford Castle

The thousand-year-old spooky story of Empress Matilda running by camouflaging herself in the white cape is really something, when they tell you she could still be seen in the famous white cape sometimes.

St John’s College

The story of beheaded Archbishop kicking the head with a lit candle in his hand across the halls of the college would be enough to run the chill down your spine.

Christ Church College

The legend of Archbishop William Laud walking the halls of the college, with his head and without it at times, as seen by the students is yet another spooky story.

The Old Bank Hotel

The Old Bank Hotel has also a story to spook you. It talks of paranormal activities in the building for a girl named Prudence took her life and now haunts the building.

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