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How to know if Airbnb is right for you


Airbnb creates a marketplace where travelers looking for accommodation can be linked up with residences in their destination willing to rent unused spaces. It operates in 192 countries so there are plenty of places where you can rent your home during your stay. Not sure whether to go for an Airbnb or a hotel? Here are some things to consider before making that booking for your next trip.


To get the most out of a rented space, you should be staying longer than three nights. You would want to unpack and get comfortable in your temporary home so anything shorter would be inconveniencing.

Number of people

If you’re a large group, then an Airbnb would be much cheaper than staying at a hotel. The rent is the same regardless of the number of people and therefore splitting the rent as per however many people makes it super affordable. An apartment or a house means that you all get to spend time together; coordinating activities won’t have to be done before people go to their hotel room. Another advantage is that by saving money on accommodation, you have more money to spend on food.


A kitchen is often provided where you’ll have to prepare your meals, but you have the option of hiring a chef if they host offers one.  This option is best if you’re staying for a week or more; hotel food can get boring quite fast for some. It’s also great if you or your company can only eat certain types of food or want to maintain your diet during the holiday without feeling limited.

Want to feel like a local

Part of staying at an Airbnb will mean getting out and purchasing groceries, toiletries and other essentials for your stay. If there isn’t a considerable language barrier, you can easily find out from the security guard, cleaner or any staff on site where the best supermarkets and even restaurants are. You’ll have the opportunity to tour the town you’re in and try different joints that catch your eye. If you want to eat out, you can choose different restaurants for each meal, something you can’t do if you’re staying at a hotel.


The only private space you have at a hotel is in your room. If you’re looking to have some quiet time and walk to the kitchen in your pajamas as you browse Fixt Cell on your tab because your iPhone screen broke, then renting space to yourself would be the route to take. Introverts would want to opt for this option.


This option may not be ideal for everyone, especially if you’re going to be where the action is. Most Airbnb rentals are outside towns. There’s also the worry of last minute cancellation so always have a plan B.

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