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Is Spain a Good Retirement Country?

The simple answer is that yes, Spain is a fantastic retirement location if you enjoy mild weather, friendly people, reasonable costs, historical sites and much more!

Perfect Weather

When you are considering retiring, you most likely are thinking about the types of activities that you enjoy the most. If you like to be active outdoors every day in warm climates, Spain is a perfect choice for you. After all, it is a Mediterranean climate with the average temperature ranging from 24 in the summer to 10 degrees in the winter. However, if you like snow some of the time you can take a ski trip to the Pyrenees Mountains or the Sierra Nevada Mountains, counting on the fact that you can return home to a much milder climate close to the coast.

However if you look forward to blizzards, freezing cold and wind chill select another country.

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Low Cost of Living

This is usually one of the top three reasons for selecting a location for retirement, whether it be in the country you were born or in a different setting. With the banking crisis of 2008, the property values for purchase and rental in Spain remain low on a global scale. According to AARP, Spain will most likely cost about $20,000 a year for a comfortable retirement. If you decide to live on the coast, you will be paying a premium amount but there are plenty of choices just inland for far less. It is interesting that Spain boasts of low property taxes and no sales tax. Look here for more info on villas and apartments.

In addition, if you decide to rent out your abode while you are visiting elsewhere, be comforted by the fact that Spain and the United States have signed a Tax treaty so that you will most likely not be taxed on this income in both countries. Of course, the truth is in the details of your situation.

How Will I Fit In?

Although most of the population of Spain is of Spanish descent, there is a growing population of retirees from Britain and the United States. If you want to settle in locations where there will be English speaking people in your age group you will be able to locate areas of concentration. Nevertheless, perhaps you are a little more outgoing and you want to develop friendships as well as investigate the joys of a different culture, be comforted by the fact that the Spanish people are very welcoming. At the very least, they realize the value that the tourists and retiree bring to their country. In fact, they are very eager to demonstrate their skills to make those renovations you need, to cook the traditional dishes or to include you in their celebrations.

Connections to More Sites

In addition, if you get tired of exploring the fantastic facets of Spain, you can drive, take a train, board a river cruise or fly to another location to investigate its glamor.

Health Care

Let us face it. Most retirees are more mature and with that might come some health issues. Spain has a national health system that is open to you. However, due to the demands for service, you may need to investigate private healthcare in order to initiate timely care. Again, the costs are reasonable depending on your situation.

You are Decision

Therefore, now you have preliminary information about a wonderful culture that is waiting with open arms to embrace you. Take some action so while you are able to enjoy all of its charms.

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