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Plan your holiday to visit the beautiful islands

When it comes to planning of the holidays mostly the people like to visit the natural beauty places where they can have more fun and different tourism experience. But when it comes to visiting the beautiful islands then only two beautiful destinations having several beautiful beaches strike the mind I.e. Indonesia and Malaysia.

Visit to Indonesia and look from close their culture and history

If you are planning to visit the Indonesia then you should surely visit the Bali Island which is one of the famous destinations in Indonesia. It is famous by the term island of gods, where there are various mountains and landscape of hills, barren volcanic hillsides and lush rice terraces, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines all reflecting an attractive backdrop to deeply spiritual, unique culture and deeply spiritual. You can also enjoy the world class diving and surfing here. Listed below are some reasons why to visit here:

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  • Beyond stunning magical temples and beaches, it is the place of natural beauty of every kind. Like scenic lakes, flower gardens, lush greenery, gorgeous waterfalls and more.
  • From affordable hotels to lavish resorts, you will get number of options of places to stay having well equipped items of your need.

Travel to Malaysia

If you are planning to Malaysia then you should at least keep 7 days in your hand to enjoy the every bit of Malaysia. You should surely visit the Tioman Island here which will give a memorable experience. Listed below are some reasons why you should visit here:

  • Especially the adventurous people should visit here to get the most thrilled experience of diving. It offers various options of diving areas where you can look at the marine life from very close.
  • You can enjoy the sightseeing activity visiting the air batang, tekek village, juara and more. And also you can go for the jungle trekking.

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