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Seven Most Popular Private Jets In Case You’re Planning To Rent One

A lot of people know what to expect when traveling in a private jet. This includes a comfortable flight and a quick trip. However, there are several different jets available for your charter. Each of them has something different to offer when you fly in them. If you want to make a good choice, here are seven of the most popular private jets that you can rent right now:

Gulfstream 100. The Gulfstream brand is well-known among those who fly on private jets. The 100 is a big favorite of those who in small groups of nine or less. It travels at 543 mph and provides a spacious interior for its passengers. This is a cross-country jet that will get you anywhere on the continent in minimal time.

Gulfstream 550. The 100’s bigger brother, the 550 has the most powerful thrust of any jet of its class. It can comfortably accommodate up to 18 passengers on a single flight. It can reach 12,501 kilometers on a single flight. This is thanks to its powerful and efficient Rolls Royce engines.

Cessna Citation XLS. Cessna is another popular jet brand. The XLS family that they sell can do short flight of three to four hours with up to eight passengers. Plus, it is very cost efficient. For example, a short hop from LA to Las Vegas will only set you back around $6000.

Cessna Citation Mustang. If you’re looking for a really cheap flight though, the Citation Mustang from Cessna should hit the right spot. This is an extra light jet that can carry a couple or a small group for a two-hour hop. This makes it pretty cheap as an entry-level choice and is a preferred choice for many with small budgets.

Learjet 35. The Learjet brand is another popular choice for those who are traveling on private jets. The 35 is one of their smaller jets and can carry around eight people and two crew. The best thing about it that it has quite a few luxury features in its cabin.

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Bombardier Global 6000. The Global 6000 from Bombardier is one of the biggest private jets you can rent. It also sets the benchmark for in-flight luxury. It has a three-zone cabin that is flexible and has all the state-of-the-art amenities. It even has a purpose-built galley. This private jet is preferred for long-range travel and you can be assured of relaxing while on your way to any destination in the world.

Dassault Falcon 2000XLS. This is a large and luxurious private jet that can accommodate six passengers. That may not seem like much, but it can travel at full speeds of Mach 0.84 in short hops. At its maximum range of 7,410 kilometers, it can go Mach 0.80. It can also land in a wide variety of airports all over the world.

These seven jets are some of the best out there. Next time you’re thinking about renting a private jet, ask for one of these choices.

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In case you’re asking what to expect when traveling in a private jet, we list down the best among the best so you’ll have an idea.

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