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Some of the amazing places to visit in Portugal this vacation

So, what destination is on your hit list for this vacation? France, Spain, Italy, or Europe! Paying a visit to these destinations would surely give you much of memories, however, there is still a place that would give you a homely environment with a number of reasons to travel there. The place has a number of tourists during the month of February or during the early days of October when the place is enjoying seasons like Spring and Autumn respectively. The hillsides come with carpet green gardens and blossoming flowers which come with a pleasant experience in a dazzling warm weather which makes it the best time to visit Portugal for a never forgettable experience.

Here is a list of some exciting things you can enjoy while planning a trip to Portugal.

A fairytale day at Sintra

Sintra is a must to visit place while traveling to Portugal. The small hilltop town comes with amazing palaces, forts,and castles that are located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It gives a romantic atmosphere which makes it a must to visit place for the couples. Among all the palaces, the Palacio de Pena, popularly known as the Pena Palace brings you close to your romantic dream of becoming a prince and princess.

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Attend the Santos Festival

No doubt February and October are considered to be ideal months for visiting Portugal, but if you are looking for a festive visit, the best time to visit Portugal is in the month of June. During this month, you can feel and visualize a new array of music and arts in the environment of Portugal. The residents from Lisboa and Porto visit here for festivities which is carried out in the honor of local saints. The festival would you an opportunity to enjoy the music, dancing, party and every art piece there.

For enjoying a variety of wines

Portugal serves to be the second place among other Port Wines after places like France, Spain,and Italy. The place serves you with a number of varieties of wine with reasonable prices. The place receives various awards every year for giving the best wines. Among all, the wines from Alentejo is believed to be the best and people from far away places visit here for this precious wine.

Apart from all these, the destination comes with friendly natured people, mouth smacking food recipes, romantic sight-seeing, and much more for an enduring trip.

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