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Taste of London 2016

Taste of London: The Festive Edition is a renowned food festival which attracts well known chefs and experts, is attended by discerning food lovers, critics, chefs and business managers.

This food festival is part of a global network of events to celebrate excellent food and drink, not just from large chain suppliers but from artisan producers who offer something a little different to the normal fare.

The Christmas events this year are taking place in London and Bologna and London is expecting 28000 plus visitors. That’s a lot of potential clients and samples to try!

The London festival starts on the evening of the 17th November and concludes on the 20th November.

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It’s held at the Tobacco Docks and is easily reachable via London’s transport network.

The festival is set on ground which is cobbled which may restrict disabled access a little but to counter this issue the festival organisers are offering complimentary tickets for carers and assistants accompanying wheelchair bound visitors.

There are two lifts on site though so reaching both levels of the festival area won’t prove troublesome.

Exhibitors at the Taste of London festival cover every culinary taste; even those which visitors may not have realised were possible.

If you are one of the many exhibitors, then you’ll be preparing yourself for five days in food heaven.

Eating, sleeping and breathing in the atmosphere and meeting fellow enthusiasts and suppliers.

An essential consideration throughout the festival is how to keep stock and samples in perfect condition.

The simple answer for many exhibitors is to invest in mobile fridge hire which they can position by their stand or in their designated room.

The cost is outweighed many times over by the knowledge that the product is in its best possible state which it will need to be to impress food industry stalwarts.

Fridge hire companies are plentiful but please ensure that you work with one of the best. This is an elite food festival with the additional allure of Christmas attached. Cheap and cheerful refrigeration hire could cost your business.

As online reviews appear on fridge hire firm’s websites it won’t be too tricky to evaluate who should be avoided and who is capable of handling the refrigeration hire needs of your firm.

Remember that companies who offer fridge hire facilities can be based outside London. Berkshire based Icecool Trailers work in and around the London, Home Counties, Hampshire, Thames Valley, South Wales and Midland’s areas.

Fridge hire London experts will deliver the facilities, set them up and leave them in your capable hands.

At the end of Taste of London they’ll collect the mobile fridge hire unit and you’re free to put your feet up having enjoyed a spectacular array of food related seminars, demonstrations, connoisseurs and famous chef visits and, thanks to your fridge hire, a healthy profit and sales leads to see you well in to 2017.

Taste of London: The Festive Edition beckons so ensure that your items exceed expectation.

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