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The Traveler’s Guide to Rome That Everyone Can Use

Rome is claimed to be the center of civilization. When what you want is culture and rituals of civility, style, and heritage, then it is Rome that you want to explore. Rome is where you want to go in your travels if you also want to go back in the past with appreciation for the arts and political class. To do this, you need to know what to explore in Rome first. Before you look for the best Rome vacation rentals today, you might want to learn first some of the things that you can do in Rome. This article will be your ultimate help.

  1. The Food Culture

Before you go to the beautiful historical places, you might want to start slow and go first for the best foods that you can try in Rome. You don’t need to go too far. Just find Illy Kiosk near the Galleria Alberto Sordi, and you can try there some of the best cuisines in Rome. Bask in the gorgeous culinary pasta, pastries and local delicacies in Rome in this resto. Who knows, you might even find the love of your life in one of these places?

You can also drink espresso or an un coffee or cafe macchiato in Rome. Try your very first cappuccino in Rome and forget about the large empire that is Starbucks where you usually get your drip coffee. Expert opinion shows that you can get the best kinds of brewed coffee at Tazzad’Oro and Caffe Sant’Eustachio.

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  1. Shop at Campo de’ Fiori

Any excursion in Rome won’t be complete without a visit at Campo de’Fiori. Visiting a Mercato is a habit and a form of lifestyle already among many Romans, and doing this in your travel will make you feel part of the Roman lifestyle. It’s claimed to be one of the most popular activities that you can partake in when you’re in Rome. You can experience the authentic local culture just by immersing yourself in Rome’s local market scene.

  1. Bask in the Modern Art at MAXXI

There’s so much ancient art to see in Rome, but if you want to go for a different path, you may wish to explore the modern art exhibited at the Museum of 21st Century. It’s arguably the best place to experience the contemporary and modern art in the region. It’s a museum complex with big open spaces and glass walls, so you’ll know you won’t be feeling cloistered in a place that’s as vast as Rome.

  1. Witness The Beauty of The Ancient Ruins

Any traveler should not miss visiting the archaeological sites in the Roman Forum. Stroll through the vast open spaces that showcase the heritage of Rome and imagine yourself as one of the citizens, walking on the cobblestones in a toga and partaking in the rituals of the city-state.  The site is a testament to the rich history of Rome since 500 B.C. and shows how far civilization has reached since Julius Caesar and Trajan dominated the world.

These are just some of the ideas you can do in Rome. Why not book a tour in Rome today and experience these yourself?


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