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What Are the Best Haunted Places in Granbury TX?

Visiting Granbury

Granbury TX enjoys a reputation both for exciting historical attractions and interesting cultural pursuits. However, the haunted places in Granbury TX are some of the most exciting places to see and are very definitely worth your time. Two of the past residents said to still haunt the town include John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James. When you learn about these haunted places, you’ll be ready to get out and see them.

Nutt House Historic Hotel

This haunted place is an 1893 limestone house that has a long history as both a restaurant and a hotel. Its most famous ghostly resident is a former owner named Mary Lou Watkins. One of the things her ghost is most well-known for is slamming the rear door shut, turning the faucets on and off, and opening and closing the shutters. Her presence is so well-known that she has her own suite named after her. Guests who stay in this suite often report temperature drops and sounds. Mary Lou’s ghostly companions include a kitten and an unnamed foreign woman.

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Hood County Jail Museum

The old jail building dates back to 1885 and was in use as a jail until the 1970’s. The late 19th century was a prime time for outlaws to pass through Granbury, with its location on the Brazos making it easier for them to avoid capture, although many of them eventually ended up confined to the jail. This building is now a museum where visitors often report hearing clanging and banging sounds.

The Nutshell Eatery Bakery

This favorite spot for pancakes is on the town square and down the street from the old jail, making it a hive of paranormal activity. One of the most common ghostly sights is a woman painting a mural on the walls. The owner, who once inhabited the rooms over the restaurant, has also heard voices without anybody else being present at the time.

City of Granbury Cemetery

The cemetery is often said to be Jesse James’ final resting place, despite accounts of his death at a relatively young age. Local legend states that James lived in Granbury under an assumed name and lived to be 104 years old. In any case, the cemetery is a great place to visit to learn more about early inhabitants and possibly have ghostly encounters.

Granbury Opera House

The opera house has been restored and attracts university and experienced Broadway performers alike, and also houses a well-known ghost. This ghost is always seen wearing a black waistcoat and boots. People who have encountered this ghost say that he frequently quotes Shakespeare. Local legend speculates that this ghost might be John Wilkes Booth, who may have lived in Granbury for a brief time under a different name.

All of these unique attractions help highlight what makes Granbury such a unique place, especially for lovers of the paranormal. Visiting this town will help quench your thirst for interesting history and give you the chance to encounter fascinating ghosts. You won’t regret your decision to visit Granbury after having had the chance to see these places.

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